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Automated Warehouse Systems

As warehouses evolve, automated pallet handling systems are becoming more common. Conveyors are often controlled by PLC systems which have to interface between palletisers, conveyors, cranes, barprogramme readers and downstream processing such as wrappers.

In some cases the PLC programme for the existing system has been lost or is not commented which makes any modification difficult. By examining the system and starting with the raw PLC programme, systems can often be reverse engineered to provide the missing documentation.


Often new equipment such as a wrapper or a system of laser guided vehicles are to be installed downstream of an existing palletiser. Automation Mechatronics can design, manufacture and install an interface to pass handshaking data between these systems.


Automation Mechatronics have supplied barprogramme readers to several sites and integrated them into the conveyor logic. In most cases the barcodes are read by a scanner which is fixed in position. An optional handheld scanner may be placed next to the fixed scanner to allow barcodes to re re-­scanned if the fixed scanner fails to read them.

The barprogramme values are displayed on the local HMI screen and there is a facility to type barcodes in by hand if required.

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