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Beverage Engineering

Automation Mechatronics have extensive experience with the beverage industry having worked on systems used to process:

  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Fruit juices
  • Sports drinks
  • RTD alcohol
  • Spring Water

Mix Processors / Carbonators

Carbonated soft drink is produced by mixing syrup with water and CO2 in a mix processor. Automation Mechatronics have refurbished many of these units from various manufacturers. Replacing worn and outdated systems with accurate control valves and modern flow meters allow the product to be more tightly controlled.

Heat Treatment

Many Fruit juices and Sports Drinks are heat treated before they are hot filled into bottles. Automation Mechatronics have modified many systems making the following changes:

  • Complete replacement of the PLC, HMI and all configuration software.
  • Re-¬≠engineering the CIP system to greatly reduce cleaning times.
  • Retuning of PID control loops to improve temperature and flow control.
  • Documentation of existing systems to assist maintenance.

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