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Process Automation

A good control system will not only successfully control the plant but also allows the operator to clearly view the state of the process and confidently select options.

At Automation Mechatronics a key feature of the automation system is the integration of the design with the configuration, testing and maintenance. PLC programme is written with a structure that matches the design documents. When an engineer is checking a sequence step in the PLC programme they can identify it in the Software Functional Specification which provides in depth information. This minimises the time required to commission and maintain a system.


It is essential to start a project by developing a good design. These design documents are then updated during the configuration and installation sections of the project so that they may be used as the basis of the test documentation. Design documents include:

  • PLC, HMI and SCADA selection
  • Communication network design
  • Electrical drawings
  • Software functional specification
  • Operator manuals

It is important that the documentation is kept up to date so that it may be used during maintenance or when further modifications are made to the system.


Automation Mechatronics have standard templates for HMI and SCADA screen development. This greatly reduces the time required to configure a system. All site engineers have the ability to modify these templates or create new templates to develop custom solutions.

A PLC programme is written with a structure. These simple structures have been developed to minimise the time required to commission the PLC programme. A significant benefit of this system is that site electricians find the code easy to view and understand.

While predominantly working with the Allen Bradley range of PLCs and HMI components, we also work with Siemens and other brands of equipment. Call us to discuss your requirements.


Automation Mechatronics can provide installation services including:

  • Electrical cabinets
  • Field wiring
  • Communications wiring


Simulation software is automatically included in the PLC programme produced by Automation Mechatronics. This minimises the cost of performing a Factory Acceptance Test prior to the installation of the software on site.

Site commissioning is performed in a structured manner including the following tests:

  • Instrumentation setup
  • I/O testing
  • Dry sequence testing
  • Water trials
  • Production trials

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